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 The RP rules

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PostSubject: The RP rules   Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:50 pm

Rules for RPing. Read each one, or suffer the hammer of dawn (banment)

Example: Half vampire, half werewolf

2.) Demons must follow Lucifer's orders

3.) Angels must follow Gabrial's orders

4.) If an angel or a demon refuses to follow orders they will be stripped of their rank and turned human

5.) Zombies crave human flesh and organs like vampires crave blood (If a zombie kills and eats a person, they will not come back as a zombie)

6.) Ghosts and Demons can possess people and other supernaturals, but not to excess

7.) Powers have no affect on Lucifer or Gabrial

8.) ANY kind of anti-evil/spiritual symbolism will hurt or kill a supernatural.
Example: Crosses, wooden steaks, silver bullets, holy water

9.) Vampires can go in sunlight

10.) Expose yourself too much or cause a big scene you will be hunted and killed by Devil Hunters

11.) Humans do not know about the supernatural world

12.) Angels HAVE to be good

13.) If you are bitten by a vampire and turned into one, you must serve that vampire as an underling. If you don't drink the blood of your master you will go insane and go on a killing rampage, only to be hunted down and killed. (Like Vampire Knight)

14.) Demons and Angels can enter and exit other non-demon/angel's minds. (Like an inner voice)
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The RP rules
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